This is the song I made for Decagon, which we released in commemoration of UTAU’s 10th anniversary at Minna no UTAU 2018. (You can still get a digital copy if you like!)

I had a lot of thoughts behind this song in particular…because this was a song made in respect to UTAU’s anniversary, I thought I’d make a song in respect to the feelings and impressions I had when I first encountered UTAU in 2009. The “tricolor” in the title refers to the Defoko, Teto, and Momo’s three colors of purple, red, and pink (related to some of the early planning ideas we had for Decagon‘s overall theme), but in essence it’s about the title as a whole, which is the feeling of the new and mysterious “world” that UTAU seemed like for a newcomer like me at the time.

Since I’ve written songs in conlang before, I suppose it might seem like this might be another one, but in actuality the words are intentionally made to be meaningless nonsense (kind of like scat) 。(*^▽^*)ゞ Overall I wanted to focus more on “sounds” and “feelings” rather than words, so I put my efforts into making effects with vocals and playful sounds to make it more like a song that felt like it was “alive”. Beyond that, I think the issue of “regardless of language”, while something I wasn’t consciously thinking of at the time of songwriting, ended up kind of oddly fitting…it’s easy to forget this in the modern era where multilanguage UTAU are everywhere, but back then it really was hard to do much as an English speaker! But in spite of that everyone was always working hard and doing their best and I think that’s what made everything so wonderful.

Incidentally, the last time I participated in Minna no UTAU was in 2013, where I also made another fairly experimental song, so I hope there’s some audible improvement ( ´ ▽ ` ) The Myriad circle was actually formed right out of the United Together Around UTAU project to begin with, so we’re very grateful for the opportunity to have participated again.

The mastering was by GHPZ, and the art by 遠影 (Tohkage). Thank you very much for all your help!