This and that happened, and I ended up participating as coordinator for the Digimon Adventure 02 fan anthology, Standin’ by Your Side!

…No, I really mean it when I say “this and that happened”! I’ve actually been quite the diehard for the Digimon franchise for a long time, and 02 is one of my favorites, but I’m not particularly confident in my own visual art, and so I felt there weren’t many good opportunities to do fanwork for it…but then last year in around August, some people I know were talking about wanting to do one, and it was 02’s 20th anniversary after all, and since I have experience in project management, maybe I should try it? That kind of conversation ended up happening, and I was worried because “huh, but, I’m normally a Vocaloid music producer, so is it really okay?” But I’ve always wanted to do a zine/anthology project for a long time, so I figured, might as well try it! I’d run compilation albums before, and I’d done Ar tonelico fanwork with ARM and assisted with the Atelier fanbook, so it’s not like I was a complete beginner with such things (although I’m grateful to everyone who was willing to bear with me as I tried things out…).

The cover and logo are by fuumika, whom I barged into the message box of all of a sudden and went “hey, if we made a 02 fanbook, would you be willing to do the cover and logo?” and who immediately responded with an “of course!” Since most of the participants on this project ended up being people I wasn’t familiar with beforehand, it was a huge relief having the initial support of someone I did know. On top of that, even the people who didn’t know me well were very kind to me, so I’m truly thankful.

I’m rather inept in the visual arts compared to music, so I mostly trusted everyone else with creative decisions and focused mainly on overall structure and finances, and when there would be discussions about what direction to take, I would suggest things like “I’d like there to be a focus on Jogress” or “how about using the sunset motif?” or “let’s not make merch that leaves any of the kids alone”. I hope we were able to strike a good balance of everyone feeling free to do what they wanted, while also not being left in the dark on what to do.

All of the participants put a ton of love into this book, so I hope it can bring a lot of happiness to the participants and those who supported the project. I also would like to make more of these kinds of anthology books for other things I like as well, so please look forward to them.