The overseas MEIKO compilation album that we funded with Kickstarter, Dark Chocolate and Maraschino Cherry, has finally been released!

I prefer to use this site for matters related to myself, so I’ve been posting matters related to the project there instead of here, but personally I would like to express how thankful I am to everyone who helped make this project happen. I’m honestly amazed that this little project I suggested to Oxy at midnight on a whim ended up going so well, and so free of problems, too…Honestly, thank you so much to everyone who’s supported us.

I’ve participated in collaborative projects in the past quite often, but this was my first time heading one myself! Of course, I would have never been able to pull this off if not for Oxy’s help, but it was a very different experience being a project manager instead of simply a participant. Thank you to everyone who put up with me during all this!

I would definitely love to try doing other compilation projects in the future (I’ve gotten multiple inquiries over whether I have any interest in a KAITO one…), but for the time being I am quite exhausted so I think I’ll take a break first 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

Now, about the song I wrote for the album, “Remainer” — I wanted there to be at least one song with V1 on the album, so I asked Geiky of ARM to write lyrics for me. I trust him very deeply with lyrics, so other than the base theme behind the song I left the rest to him (I know people have started to associate my lyrics with flowers, but this time it actually was not my idea at all!). In the end I’m very satisfied with what he gave me and am truly thankful.

Right now I’m still undecided on whether to post the song to YouTube and Nico Nico Douga, so for now, here’s the English translation of the lyrics!

You, who managed to reach the clouds’ rift
and I, who couldn’t even get a wisp of the wind
were born on this same earth, but
now we’re just night and day

Blooming and spreading in my heart is
a freshly grown forget-me-not
How painful and precious it is
simply to see someone off

It’s just your usual meeting and parting
Where you left on your journey to the other side
With no limit to that kindness and courage
I could only turn my back on you

These eyes drenched in the future existing only in dreams
The other side of those words and promises shouldn’t exist to me anymore
I still can’t say goodbye to you, so
I thought I might be able to at least take on tomorrow

In these days frozen in time
The flocks of people going to and fro
I can’t even take a single step
All I’m doing is stay alive

Even if I wanted to throw aside my current way of life
I’m terrified of taking an unfamiliar road
Even just following the traces of you
leaves me lost

The cycling seasons
bring up so many painful memories
The disappearing traces of our youth
Traced in the surface of the mirror
are my tears

“Don’t forget, don’t forget”
I cried out to you
About this place,
about us,
about this time
So that you wouldn’t forget
I planted a forget-me-not in the sky
that blooms for you

I can’t light the millions of lights in the galaxy, but
if this song could become stars, it would make it overflow
The goodbyes that you left for me
ended up only telling me those words
of “I love you”

I still can’t say goodbye to you, so
I’ll play your song and your forget-me-nots