Hello everyone, it’s been a while.

This is a personal matter, but since I haven’t been been as active in public these days, I’ve apparently made quite a few people worry, so I figured I’d need to give a proper explanation one of these days. I’m really sorry for imposing so much trouble on everyone.

I don’t know when exactly it started, but it seems I’ve had a sudden onset of severe hay fever. Starting from around March, my throat started hurting and my eyes and ears became itchy. My symptoms didn’t match with COVID-19, and I did several PCR tests, but they came back negative every time. I thought I might just have a regular cold or flu, but not only did my symptoms not go away after a few months, they actually got even worse, as did my condition. In particular, the fatigue was so bad that depending on the day, even moving a little bit made me so exhausted that I couldn’t even play video games if I wanted to.

I’ve been considered to be a fairly healthy person since I was a child, so I’d never had any experience with chronic illness and was confused as to how this happened to me out of nowhere. At first, it really did seem like I was sick for no good reason, but after some visits to multiple doctors, I was diagnosed with hay fever. It’s apparently not uncommon for hay fever to spontaneously develop in adulthood. On top of that, although I know quite a few people who have had hay fever, my case seems to be rather severe.

I’ve started immunotherapy this month (August 2022), and I’ll be continuing treatment for a few more years. The symptoms probably won’t be going away immediately, so I set up an air filter in my room for the time being. Hopefully, the symptoms will go down (especially once the season changes) and I’ll be able to go back to making things like before.

I’m basically the kind of person who gets annoyed if I can’t do anything, so I don’t plan to go on complete hiatus and will continue participating in projects like Avannaversary, but since I don’t want to force myself while in recovery, I’m going to try and take it easy and go slowly.

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me up until now. I really do want to get back to creative work (especially vocalsynth work) as soon as possible, so I’ll be focusing on recovery.