Generally speaking, I hold a stance that the music I make is something to be shared as much as possible, and lately, I’ve been thinking about it and realizing that I’m a lot more closed up about my work than I would like to be.

That said, there are things that I ultimately end up fussing over. For one, I’m insistent that my work should be left more up to interpretation by the listener, and so I’m always worried that revealing too much would force one specific reading. On top of that, there’s a difficult balance between sharing your behind-the-scenes creative work and completely laying yourself bare; although there are times in the past I’ve openly shared completely unfinished things or rather personal data (such as fully tuned VSQx files for Vocaloid work, etc.), most of the time I’m not entirely comfortable putting out such things out for anyone and everyone to take…

But on the other hand, being too closed and shutting myself out entirely is not something I want to do, either. I want to open up anything that might be interesting or helpful to those who are looking for it, and as someone who was also helped by and inspired many people along the way, I feel like it’d be unfair to completely shut that out to others as well.

So in the interest of that, I started a Patreon. I don’t think it’s a perfect solution, but it seems like it at least satisfies some of my concerns, so if you’re interested, please do take a look.

I think the majority of the content distributed there will be things I normally wouldn’t have been comfortable with putting out otherwise, such as fully tuned VSQx files or such. I have no intention of locking what I do behind a paywall, so everything I was giving out earlier (vocal guides and instrumentals, etc.) will be open to everyone as usual.

In the interest of that, I think I would like talk more freely about my work in general, especially on this blog. It’s a bit difficult because every time I post something here I have to write it in three languages, but I’ll do my best ^^;; Thank you for your support in the future.