Happy twelfth birthday to KAITO! This song was made for the third and final ABCD Project, which I had the honor of participating in from the beginning to the end.

I wanted to try doing something different each year, so it kind of ended up as something like a wistful song followed by a cute song followed by a melancholic song, V3 Japanese followed by V3 English followed by V1, and…conlang lyrics followed by English followed by Japanese. Other than the obvious difficulties of writing in a language that’s not my native, it’s always quite a challenge writing in Japanese because I’m not as good as writing things at the same level as what I could do in English, so I hope the lyrics for this haven’t come off as too blunt…( ´ ▽ ` ) But I hope the ideas and feelings I put in this got across, anyway.

Either way, I’d always wanted to make a song like this at some point, so I’m very happy I was able to.

The art was provided by セン (Sen), whom I was extremely honored to work with as I had been admiring their art for a really, really long time m(_ _)m In addition, much thanks to riodemu for looking over the lyrics (especially on such short notice!).

Incidentally, the title of the song refers to both the concept of the divine “Muse” that poets would invoke in order to request inspiration for their work, and the literary definition of a person or concept that a creator uses, regardless of whether it actually exists or not (such as Dante’s Beatrice or Plutarch’s Laura).

In any case, once again, I’m really happy to have been able to participate in KAITO’s birthday and ABCD Project this year…personally, for me, KAITO is a really important partner for my music making, and I always love seeing the effort and love that people put into his character and making things for him.