It’s almost 2020! This has been a big year for me, most notably the release of my first album! Other than that, I’ve been very busy with various things, and probably the most unfortunate thing about that is that even now, I can’t show all of it yet…however, that alone has somewhat made me realize that I’ve been spending so much time on collaborations that I’ve had very little time to work on personal projects this year. Part of that was also due to this being a fairly stressful year for me in terms of my personal life, but in any case, I’ve resolved that next year should have a lot more solo work from myself.

For now, I only have two announcements: Firstly, although SoundCloud reversed its stance on its policy since my last post on the matter, as I am still opposed to many aspects of their service, I evaluated my options and decided my portfolio would be better hosted elsewhere. As such, I’ve set up an Audiomack profile! Please be sure to check out my work there if you like m(_ _)m

Secondly, I worked on a song for the Big Al 10th anniversary compilation album, The Big Alliance!

I worked with fellow Myriad member DoNotCrossP (Chie) on the second track, “Forlorn Sky” (the track itself is considered a Myriad circle song, and the circle is publishing the album, but the album itself is not a Myriad work…that’s a little confusing, so please bear with us). It’s rare for me to completely split composition/arrangement/lyrics with someone, so I’m very glad I got to work with Chie in this manner 😊

In any case, there are still many upcoming announcements, but this is all for now. Looking forward to seeing you in the new decade!