At this point it’s not a situation that I really want to address bluntly, but I do think it’d be better to be clear about my position on the matter, since I’d rather have that than give off the impression that I’ve completely abandoned her and am only keeping the links up out of obligation. Hana‘s last update was in February 2013; there’s still quite a few visible holes in her listed voicebanks on her page, and moreover the demands of the UTAU community have evolved quite considerably since then.

Unfortunately, although I would like to keep her up to standard, the amount of free time I have and my ability to continue working on her has gotten very limited. My current living and working conditions make a very poor environment for clean recordings and my day-to-day schedule tends to be very unpredictable, meaning that recording the samples in a clean and consistent manner in such a way that’s suitable for UTAU is rather difficult at the moment. For Hana’s update in 2013 I worked to keep her at a certain standard of quality, which I can’t guarantee I can consistently meet in this state.

Beyond recording ability, there’s also the simple issue of free time; I actually do have a small amount of unreleased recorded material, but the amount of time it takes for sample post-processing and oto.ini configuration is a lot more than I currently have while juggling original music-related projects and the demands of my daily life. Again, this was something I was very fixated on refining as much as I could for her 2013 update, and although it’s theoretically possible to quickly patch this up and release it, it would be of unacceptable quality compared to the prior releases.

Thus, I can only say that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to give her any updates in the near future. However, my situation is always changing and it’s possible something might happen – it’s just that I’m simply unable to make any guarantees. Until then, even if it’s a bit outdated I believe Hana’s 2013 update has still left her in a respectable state, and I intend to continue providing technical support and distributing her for as long as I’m able to.

Thank you to those who have given their support to Hana up until now, and to those who are supporting me in all current and future endeavors!