On this day ten years ago (February 6, 2010), I released my UTAU, Hana. As a result, today is her 10th anniversary.

Unfortunately, I’m still not in a position where I can do any more recordings for her, and my time is much more limited than it used to be, but working on and for Hana was probably the start of the last ten years of me doing work with UTAU and Vocaloid and making music as a whole, so I felt it was appropriate to do something special.

Thus, while there sadly aren’t any new recordings, there are some new updates!

  • Hana’s Japanese and Korean libraries have been condensed to each be a single, easy-to-use download. Previously, the bold/mild/belt voicebanks were separate due to the order in which they were released, but I believe the current UTAU userbase would benefit more from having all three of them together. In addition, with the help of VocAddict, her Japanese VCV is now configured to support both CVVC and CV, which will hopefully allow for much more versatility.
  • Infoholic and MystSaphyr have graciously created a DeepVocal compatible voicebank for Hana’s Japanese, which uses the samples from her UTAU VCV.
  • Hana has a new 10th anniversary design for her DeepVocal release, and both her standard and new designs have new artwork by Vieri.

I’m truly grateful to all of the people who helped me with all of the things I can no longer do myself. Things have changed a lot since the day Hana was first released as an UTAU, and I’m very proud of how far the community has come since then.

And, of course, thank you for supporting Hana up until now.