I’m posting this late because I had a difficult work week, but the overseas-produced KAITO and MEIKO fan anthology Ballad of Red and Blue has finally been released! I participated in it as an assistant admin (mostly in regards to internal coordination and translation, no art this time), so I hope everyone enjoys it!

Because of the last year and a half (I don’t think I need to explain why) I’ve been stuck with nasty creative block and I’ve been unable to do much, and especially for Vocaloid-related things since this is my effective hometown, but although it’s been really frustrating, I’m really glad I was able to do something for these two before the year ended. I’m also grateful to the other moderators and to all of the participants who worked hard to make this project a reality, to the extent I feel like I contributed very little in comparison ^^

I would like to continue doing what I can for these two, and I hope everyone can enjoy the book!