I composed the soundtrack for Touya’s game Artoria, submitted for the Pixel Game Maker MV Game Development Challenge 2020. Since it’s a small game, on my end it’s only three songs, but the developer put a ton of work into it, so please check it out! It’s also my first time doing game BGM, and I love games and have always wanted to do this, so I’m thankful for the opportunity.

Since it’s a pixel game, all of the songs were composed using Roland’s Sound Canvas VA SC-88 Pro map, as the SC-88 Pro was a major presence in the music for this kind of game. Actually, at first, I started off trying to use my usual patches, but everything felt wrong because I kept thinking “this feels wrong, it’s too realistic”…In the end I felt very comfortable experimenting with a more synthetic sound, and I would definitely like to continue playing with it in the future.

The dynamic music was heavily inspired by Atelier Firis; the current engine’s limitations meant that unfortunately we couldn’t implement it exactly the way we wanted, but I’m very happy that it was able to make it into the final product in some way!