ARM Circle will be appearing at this year’s Spring M3 (at booth O-21a), which brings along a few announcements!

Firstly, the circle will be releasing its first original work, Astgaban! I composed the first song, “Dawn ~the Sophian Principle”.

As you may notice in the crossfade, this also means that ARM Circle is changing its full name from “A Reyvateil’s Melody” to “AetheRhythM“.

Originally, “A Reyvateil’s Melody” was from a certain Ar tonelico fan forum, from which the circle was originally formed; however, despite the shared origins, the circle and the forum were not always necessarily affiliated, and while the circle has a deep love for Ar tonelico and would like to continue making Gust fanwork in the future, it also wishes to expand into original work, and the name change was done to reflect this. However, we intentionally preserved the initialism “ARM Circle” in a form of respect for the circle’s origins and inspiration.

At the table will also be a Touhou arrange mini-album, Sansei Doukou ~Town of Illusions~! I worked on track 2, “ASTROFOTISTOS ~κη σελνάιξ κτων μύραυσ~”!

While this technically does not classify as an ARM work, the conlangs used in it were used as the prototype basis for Astgaban, and we give our thanks to ARM Circle for helping distribute the album on our behalf.

I have been very deeply enamored with Touhou, its music, and its fan culture for many years, and in fact I’ve said often that if things had been very different I might have become a regular Touhou arranger instead of a Vocaloid producer, so I feel very fulfilled to have finally pull this off ☆

Finally, an announcement on a broader note: with the release of these albums, I will be stepping back as an ARM regular composer.

I joined ARM Circle in summer of 2016 and since then I’ve had many wonderful experiences and met many friends and learned so, so many valuable things about music making, production, the doujinshi process, and so many things that cannot be listed alone in words. The friends I have gained through ARM are still irreplaceable to this day, and I adore working with them. However, my life circumstances have changed quite drastically since 2016, and the mixture of the changes to my schedule and the high demands of ARM has become difficult to reconcile. As a result, I composed “Dawn” with the understanding that it would likely be my proper “graduation” work from ARM.

However, I am not someone who likes to say “this is the last one!” with finality, and so the emphasis in this statement is on “regular”. Although my role will likely not be as big as before, I will always be happy to assist with various tasks such as translation, project management, video making, side projects, and partial assistance with music production. As a result, it is not that I’m departing from the circle at all — far from it, in fact — but more so that, after discussion with the other members, it was decided that it would be better for me to have more of a background support role from now on.

Thank you for supporting me and ARM Circle up until now, and hopefully there will be many more wonderful things in the future.