I would like to announce that my first album, You, in the Endless Starlight, will be releasing on May 23, 2019! You can preorder the digital version on Bandcamp, iTunes, and Amazon, and it will be available on BOOTH, Spotify, and other services on release!

In addition, there will be a limited physical edition (digipak), which you can also preorder on Bandcamp — orders will ship out starting June 1, and will be available for as long as there is stock! I will also be selling early release copies at Vocaloid Paradise Extra Edition on May 19 (more on this below).

The tracklist is as follows:

1. Philia
2. anoi isál yu mlál
3. Sentinel
4. Thank You, It Was Fun
5. Fragrance
6. The Moment Before the End
7. Starlight Mist
8. From the City of Lost Dreams

Please look forward to the release, and pick up a copy if you like!

Now, in regards to Vocaloid Paradise Extra Edition: I will be tabling at KaiMei Paradise (カイメイ PARADISE) with Winter (hyoujisama) at tables B25/B26! Winter and I will be bringing the following goods (the graphic is in Japanese only, sorry):

I won’t be bringing any of the Kickstarter bonus items, but if you happen to be going to the event, this is a chance to get your hands on Dark Chocolate and Maraschino Cherry if you missed the Kickstarter, so be sure to check it out!

I still have many things I want to say about this album and my participation in the event, but I’m still knee deep in preparation for it — but I’ll definitely have much to say afterwards, so stay tuned!