It ended up being a late post (I’m very sorry about that), but I served as project manager for the Danball Senki (Little Battlers eXperience) fanbook “A Small Machine and a Blue Box“, which was released back in February. In this case, I was helped very greatly by snu and Kaga, especially since my schedule ended up very hectic and I often didn’t have a lot of free time.

This isn’t a series that is very famous outside Japan, so this is the kind of project that would be considered very risky, but I really do like this series a lot, and I also wanted a bit of a challenge. Well, I think everyone who loves this series (myself included) has a very strong attachment to it, so I wanted to have a place where people could show off that love. In the end, I think I enjoy doing these kinds of small projects the most, and I was a lot more comfortable downscaling things to the point I could work on things more directly.

I know it’s a pipe dream, but I really wish they’d at least port the games to Switch m(_ _)m