Please note that the creators of the UTAU listed on this website disclaim responsibility for any works made by others with their voice libraries or images, and therefore are not responsible for any damages related to said works.

Voice libraries

The UTAU libraries distributed on this website may be used as needed for any audio compositions freely and for non-profit use. It is also permissible to modify any of the files within for personal use; however, redistributing the audio files in any form, modified or unmodified, is strictly prohibited.

The following terms apply for commercial use of any works created with said UTAU libraries:

  • Hana: Commercial usage is allowed.
  • Ryszard and Sifa: Permission is required.

Character images

The official images of the UTAU characters on this website may be reposted and redistributed freely, modified or unmodified, without need for attribution, for non-profit usage on the Internet. In the case of physical matter, or for commercial usage of the official images, permission is required.

Non-profit usage of derivative works featuring the characters (fanart, fanfiction, cosplay photography, etc.) is also allowed in any form (digital or physical), provided the UTAU characters’ names are credited.

The following terms apply for commercial use of any derivative works created with the UTAU characters:

  • Hana: Commercial usage by an individual or small-scale group of individuals is allowed as long as the name “Hana”, “ハナ”, “하나”, or some equivalent parsing is credited somewhere on the work. For corporations and large-scale entities, permission is required.
  • Ryszard and Sifa: Permission is required.