The illustrations posted to this site, or to other websites such as deviantART, pixiv, Wysp, Tumblr, or Twitter, may be reposted to other sites as long as a link back to the original is provided. However, other than resizing or cropping, they may not be edited in any form.

Story and setting

Derivative works (fanart, fanfiction, etc.) based on the story/setting and characters involved in creative works (music/illustrations, etc.) and/or posted on this site are allowed, provided it is clearly denoted what it is a derivative work of (i.e. does not claim to be an original work). Commercial usage is also allowed for individuals or small-scale groups of individuals.

Characters that are derivatives of other existing characters also must adhere to the original characters’ terms of usage; for instance, Story Teller and Lore Reader are still bound to Piapro’s Creative Commons license as it pertains to KAITO and MEIKO.