Pride Deadlock

(Nico Nico Douga)

I wrote the lyrics for maya‘s song “Pride Deadlock”! The illustration is by しーな (Shiina) ☆

I’ve written lyrics in quite a few different languages up to this point, but English is the language I was born and raised with and have the most intimate relationship with and so in the end that really is the one I’m most comfortable with…and thus I’m always really honored to be able to write English lyrics for others.

So upon first hearing the song, I thought “okay, I have to make lyrics to fit this really cool song,” and then “if it’s gonna be cool, then what kind of subject should it be about?”, and then eventually it became a story about “a struggle between two people”. So as for what kind of relationship that entails, that’s probably best for everyone to come up with their own interpretations about (but then, I say that a lot, don’t I?)…

I also have been a fan of the works of the two other people involved for a really long time, so it’s really been an honor ><

And by the by, it’s Gumi’s ninth anniversary! Seriously! You know, when I first got into Vocaloid in the summer of 2009, she was the most recent Vocaloid released at the time…and now she’s 9…seriously…

Incidentally, while this doesn’t have any pertinence to the main topic, in case anyone’s wondering “wait, what about your own original stuff?”…the truth is I had a really, really nasty cold throughout the entirety of May and spent the whole month lying in bed and unable to do anything (orz) When you’ve been spending the whole month in bed doing nothing but watch tokusatsu, it ends up getting really hard to get back into the rhythm of things after that. I’m really sorry…

That said, being a composer is my own kind of pride of sorts, and of course I’m not going to be abandoning my ARM work, so I’m slowly, slowly getting myself back on track! Lately my working hours have gone up and there’s a possibility I might move residence, so I’m a lot busier than I was last year, but I really want to have a full album out by next year, so I’m gonna do my best.

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