Muse Fragment

Happy twelfth birthday to KAITO! This song was made for the third and final ABCD Project, which I had the honor of participating in from the beginning to the end.

I wanted to try doing something different each year, so it kind of ended up as something like a wistful song followed by a cute song followed by a melancholic song, V3 Japanese followed by V3 English followed by V1, and…conlang lyrics followed by English followed by Japanese. Other than the obvious difficulties of writing in a language that’s not my native, it’s always quite a challenge writing in Japanese because I’m not as good as writing things at the same level as what I could do in English, so I hope the lyrics for this haven’t come off as too blunt…( ´ ▽ ` ) But I hope the ideas and feelings I put in this got across, anyway.

Either way, I’d always wanted to make a song like this at some point, so I’m very happy I was able to.

The art was provided by セン (Sen), whom I was extremely honored to work with as I had been admiring their art for a really, really long time m(_ _)m In addition, much thanks to riodemu for looking over the lyrics (especially on such short notice!).

Incidentally, the title of the song refers to both the concept of the divine “Muse” that poets would invoke in order to request inspiration for their work, and the literary definition of a person or concept that a creator uses, regardless of whether it actually exists or not (such as Dante’s Beatrice or Plutarch’s Laura).

In any case, once again, I’m really happy to have been able to participate in KAITO’s birthday and ABCD Project this year…personally, for me, KAITO is a really important partner for my music making, and I always love seeing the effort and love that people put into his character and making things for him.

2017 year wrap-up

Happy end of 2017! A lot of things happened this year, so it’s fun to look back on what’s been going on. Initially I intended to only really use this site for updates related to my creative works, but lately I’ve gotten the feeling that I’ve been being a little too stiff in regards to things like this, so I thought maybe I should start talking about things in a little more of a relaxed fashion ( ´ ▽ ` )…

This year I wrote more detailed comments on each song I posted, so I don’t think I need to talk about the details again, but in short, I put out six Vocaloid songs (five self-made, one collab), and we finally released COSMOCRYSTAL II side blue! Overall, it was a very productive year and I’m satisfied with the work I’ve done for it.

I don’t know if it was because of Miku’s tenth birthday or what, but I ended up taking a lot of time to think about things…as of spring next year, it will have been six years since I started making music.

This year in particular, I got to meet a lot of new people, I had a lot of unforgettable experiences, and I’m truly thankful to the people who have supported my work and me, as a composer and Vocaloid producer.

As for next year…although it did end up in a good proliferation of work, I admit there were times I overworked myself a bit this year, so I’d like to take it a little easier. Moreover, I’d also like to put out a full album, so I think the number of uploads next year may be somewhat lower, but I’ll be continuing Vocaloid work with the same enthusiasm as before. Among those should be next year’s ABCD Project, naturally.

Other than that, I’ll also be continuing work on COSMOCRYSTAL II side red, along with some other potential projects unrelated to either Vocaloid or ARM, so please look forward to those!

In general, I would like to try different things on top of what I usually do and experiment…for the record, I recently upgraded my setup with a lot of new software for creative works (especially VSTs), but that’s not going to amount to anything if I don’t make proper use of it, right…? ( ´ ▽ ` )

Well, as always, there’s a lot of things I want to do, and never enough time to do it, especially with other real life obligations going on. But as always, I’m going to put all my effort into doing what I can, so cheers to the new year!

Tower Light Fireworks

This was released a while ago but I’d forgotten to make a post about it, sorry!

I wrote lyrics for iMeiden‘s song “Tower Light Fireworks”, featuring Rachie.

It was a rather new experience writing lyrics for someone else’s song. I think it’s a little different from my usual work as well, so please listen if you’d like!


Due to my schedule being hard to deal with I was cutting it very very very very very close, but I made it. Happy birthday, MEIKO!

I originally wasn’t planning to make any more songs in Japanese after “Canterbury Bells for You” due to my lack of proficiency in the language, but I received a surprisingly good response to the lyrics in that song and decided I would give it another try. Many thanks to 上級者向けP (JoukyuushamukeP) for looking over the lyrics for me.

I wanted to make a song that was very MEIKO-like. “MEIKO-like” probably means a lot of different things to different people, and even in my own perspective there’s a lot of things I associate with her, but I put a lot of what I personally perceive as embodying her. As for what that is…well, I’ll let the song speak for itself.

In order to portray a MEIKO with a very strong and firm image, I asked drooliedoan to illustrate the video for me. Thank you very much.

In somewhat tangentially related discussion, I recently switched to Cubase as my main DAW. I’m still getting used to it, but I think my workflow and the resulting quality of my music should hopefully improve from here on out. This is also my first time using MEIKO’s V1 as a main vocal, so there were a lot of first times here.

Since I highly doubt I’ll be able to finish another one between now and the end of December, this will probably be the last Vocaloid song I put out for 2017. See you again on KAITO’s birthday in February!

The Moment Before the End

I’m not sure if I’d intended for it to go this way from the beginning, but it seems that I’ve written a lot of songs about the concept of “regret” lately. The feeling of having things you want to do, but not being able to do it; the feeling of wishing you’d done something different.

This is a story of understanding that line of thinking, and then putting an end to it.

Also, for the first time in a long while, I decided to release the unaltered VSQx/MIDI data. Lately I’ve been rather embarrassed about exposing everything like this, especially when it comes to English, but I thought about it and decided it’s okay as long as it’s helpful. Someone out there is probably going to look at it and think “what the hell is she doing?!”, but…_(:3」∠)_

Incidentally, this is also the first proper duet I’ve made with Vocaloid. MEIKO goes all the way up to G♯5, so I’m very proud of her.

The art is by Yen-Mi, whom I’d wanted to work with for a long time now. Thank you so much!

Loveless Last Dance


This is a work done by the Myriad circle for MIRIAM’s 13th anniversary album The Lady and the Silver Circle. Happy 13th, Miriam!

I composed the song and wrote the lyrics, while Xue did the arrangement and artist Lone did the illustration.

The theme is “someone who was tossed away”. I think overall the story going on with it should be fairly apparent, so I don’t think I have much to add; in any case, we hope you enjoy the song!

Lingering Memory

Happy sixth birthday to VY2!

This was actually a song that I’d been working on for around two years, but after fixating on it too much I eventually decided to redo the entire thing from scratch, so this was the result. The theme is “repeatedly reflecting on things that aren’t here anymore”.

The VY2 in the picture is based off of my own concept (pardon the clumsy scribble)


and the design (named “Moon’s Scion”) used in the video was by ctrlkun.

The design is in the same vein as Story Teller and Lore Reader, and represents “the strength that supports the illuminating light”. As you can see, Lore Reader herself is in the picture as well. There was actually a more explicit story and setting in the original drafts for the song, but I eventually decided to leave it more ambiguous, so please feel free to decide for yourself what connection there might be to Starlight Mist or the other relevant songs, or if you believe there’s even a connection at all.

The art for the video was by oxymoroff. Thank you!

COSMOCRYSTAL II – clalliss re leat, maya re pat – SOUKYOU-RANSYOKU

ARM (A Reyvateil’s Melody) will be releasing the first half of its Ar tonelico fan album, COSMOCRYSTAL II – clalliss re leat, maya re pat!

(“SOUKYOU-RANSYOKU” = 奏響濫色 = “Chanted Echoes, Overflowing Colors”, among other possible readings)

I worked on the composition for two of the tracks:

7. FLOW_COMMUNUS/. -bars, bawaf HYMMNOS-

The album will be sold at this year’s Spring (April 30, 2017) M3 doujinshi event at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center, booth ク-33z. You can also place a preorder for mail delivery at BOOTH (for Japanese residents) or Isukado (for overseas customers).

This is COSMOCRYSTAL II‘s “Side Blue”; I’ll also be participating in “Side Red”, which is planned for release later this year.

Please take a look at the album if you’re interested, and look forward to the rest!

Canterbury Bells for You

The theme of this song is “to you, whom I received everything from and gave nothing to”.

For certain reasons, I wrote the lyrics in Japanese for the first time in a long while. The quality of the lyrics isn’t anything I’d consider at the level of what I could do in English, but I hope the feelings in the lyrics get across.

Because this was my first time using KAITO’s V1, I’d like to develop my ability to tune/mix/master him further in the future.

The illustration was done by hyoujisama (Winter), while Winter, Aaron, Geiky, and ももかれ (Momokare) corrected any outstanding errors they found in the lyrics. Thank you to all of you.

A Merchant and a Faraway Town

Well, I think this is the kind of thing that’s happened to everyone at some point. You go to a new place or community, for the purpose of travel or whatever, only intending to stay for a short while, but it sits with you so well that even when you’ve ostensibly departed, you’ve left your heart behind…

In regards to this specific story, I actually came up with a really detailed backstory (which unfortunately couldn’t make it into the final product, although there are lots of little references to it), but in the end that’s the major theme I wanted to convey. As for what happens after this…does he move on and live a fulfilling life, keeping it only as a distant memory? Does he decide he can’t stand leaving so much that he cuts off his own life and returns right away? Or, perhaps, does he decide never to forget and to keep it in his heart, waiting to return when all is said and done…? I think it’d be better for everyone to decide what they think is best.

And so the theme is “the story of a person who was loved, and the people who gave that love”. I think it really is a wonderful thing to be loved.

For the Nico Nico Douga version I asked RelixirVII to assist me with the Japanese translation for the subtitles, while the art was by 山葵 (Wasabi). Thank you so much to both of you. In fact, I was a bit more ambitious with this song than usual and there were quite a few people who helped me out, so I’m really grateful.